Our mission

We are an independent voluntary-sector organisation. Falling under the umbrella of the Belgian Red Cross, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders forms part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Our mission involves three strands, namely to defend the interests of vulnerable people both at home and abroad, to be proactive in emergency-management, promoting self-reliance and organising blood supplies, and to care for vulnerable individuals. In all our activities, we rely heavily on the dedication of volunteers.

Promoting self-reliance

We believe it is important for people to be able to help one another in an emergency, whether this happens, for example, at home, at work, at school, at their youth club or at their sports club. Our goal is to teach first aid to as many people as possible, both in Belgium and abroad. As such, we help other countries draw up first-aid guidelines and compile accompanying training materials.

Providing assistance in emergencies

We aim to offer the most effective assistance we can in the event of an emergency. To this end, we see to the quick deployment of our local Red Cross sections or work closely with other relief services and the authorities. We also ensure we can provide assistance for long-term emergencies and are constantly developing our expertise in providing international emergency relief.

Leading the way when it comes to blood supplies

Our Blood Service is responsible for ensuring that a constant supply of safe blood products is available to the majority of hospitals in the Flemish Community. We are committed to providing adequate quantities of safe, high-quality blood whenever it is needed, thereby helping doctors save lives.

Caring for the vulnerable

Countless Red Cross volunteers work tirelessly to help vulnerable people in their communities. A lot of the work we do, while behind the scenes, makes a world of difference to the thousands of people who rely on us for assistance.


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