Strategy 2020

At Belgian Red Cross-Flanders, we leave nothing to chance. We firmly take control of our future too. A few years ago, we carried out the major task of devising an ambitious new five-year plan to ensure it was a worthy successor to Pledge 2015, our previous policy plan. 

This major strategic exercise relied on the support of hundreds of people: not just our own volunteers and staff members but also external experts, government representatives, those working for other voluntary organisations, and many more, whose enthusiastic and much-appreciated efforts made a vital contribution to this initiative. 

The result of all that brainwork was Strategy 2020. Everyone helps. Our baseline 'Helps people help', launched in 2015 provided a solid foundation for building our future. In line with this philosophy, you'll soon see that self-reliance is the common thread running through everything we do. 

Download Strategy 2020 (.pdf)

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