What do we do?

We supply blood

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders collects blood throughout the Flemish Community. This is crucial because for many sick people someone else's blood could make the difference between life and death. Following traffic accidents, operations or childbirth a considerable amount of blood is often needed to save someone's life. This makes it of paramount importance that we have sufficient supplies of blood available at all times. We're responsible for providing a constant supply and adequate quantities of safe blood products to hospitals across the Flemish Community.

Give blood or plasma

We offer first aid and support

We're the recognised expert for first aid in the Flemish Region, and our activities include everything from first aid at events such as festivals and sports matches to specialist training courses. We provide training throughout the region and are the benchmark provider of workplace first aid. Thanks to expertise underpinned by scientific evidence coupled with many years of experience, we're the authorities' preferred emergency-relief partner.

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We provide assistance worldwide

We help people all around the world. Wherever an emergency situation arises, we can offer assistance immediately thanks to our established links with local Red Cross associations. We also work with them on a long-term basis, primarily in the fields of first aid, and water, sanitation and hygiene.

Like other Red Cross associations, we ensure that international humanitarian law is observed and do everything we can to re-establish contact between lost family members. Finally, we also accommodate asylum-seekers if asked to do so by the authorities.

Looking for a family member? Our Tracing Service can help.

We lay on social activities

We make a special effort to help people for whom life can be challenging. For example, we organise holiday camps for socially disadvantaged children to give them an enjoyable break during their school holidays. If they are experiencing difficulties at school, we can provide additional support. We cater for the elderly too: one of our priority areas of activity is combating loneliness among this target group and our mobile library visits a number of care institutions. Finally, we also organise adapted holidays for people with disabilities.