Learn how to provide first aid or other assistance

Imagine if a member of your family or a colleague had an accident: would you know how to provide first aid? This can make a real difference.

We believe it is very important to be able to help one another and therefore we run training sessions to teach people the skills they need. There is no need to be afraid, as it is easier than you think. With some simple tricks you can do a lot. Would you like to be able to help others in need, whether at home, at school, at a sports club or at work. We teach you how.

Three good reasons to follow a first-aid course organised by Belgian Red Cross-Flanders:

  • Our trainers are experts in the field.  
  • We offer top-quality courses, potentially including the professional Casualty Simulation services, as part of a coherent training programme.
  • All our guidelines are evidence-based and our teaching methods and materials are up to date.

Choose what you would like to do from the following options:

Follow a First Aid Course at the Red Cross

Organize a First Aid Course at work


Belgian Red Cross-Flanders develops first-aid materials including prevention-related advice for the African context drawing on the latest medical and scientific data with the aid of the evidence-based practice methodology. Learn more about AFAM


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