Help us by becoming a Business with a Heart

Not a day goes by without an accident occurring or an operation taking place. It might even happen to a co-worker or colleague where you work. To be able to help everyone who needs it, we need a great deal of blood, so we are always looking for new donors. Remember, blood doesn’t just save lives – it also fosters team spirit. We are counting on your company, too, and you can help in a number of ways – we’d be happy to come along and tell you how easy it is!

Recruiting donors in your company

Would we be able to come along and recruit donors in your company? If so, our donor-recruitment team will visit your company at a mutually convenient time; they will tell staff all about blood doning and will ask each person individually whether they wish to become a donor. We have a range of material available for your use such as flyers, banners (including roll-up banners), videos, e-mail templates, posters and registration forms.

Attend a blood drive with colleagues

You can go with your employees to a blood drive in your local area or to one of our 11 donor centers. We will be delighted to welcome your team and will make sure everything runs smoothly. Click here for details of where you can donate today.

Blood drives on site

Are you a large company? Could you team up with other companies in your area and encourage at least 100 people to give blood? For groups of 100 or more potential donors we are happy to look at organizing a blood drive on site at your company.

Want to get involved with your company? Contact us: