Online donor portal

Do you have questions about giving blood, plasma or platelets? Here you will find the most frequently-asked questions about blood, plasma and platelets.

1. Where can I find my donor number?

You received it by mail and on your post donation card, but you can ask for it again via

2. The donor portal is only partly translated in English. Is that normal?

No, in Safari and Internet Explorer, the donor portal should display perfectly in English.
If you are using Firefox, then it is important that your language setting in Firefox is English:

  • Click on Options in the toolbar at the top on the right-hand side
  • Then go to Content
  • Choose Languages
  • Select
  • Then choose English as your language and click on OK
  • If this is not the default language, you can add this yourself.

If it is already the case, you should be able to see the portal in English.

3. Still not sure whether you are allowed to donate?

On the home page of the donor portal, under the heading Your information, you will find the message ‘You can donate again as from …’ Does it show today’s date? Then, based on the information that we currently have about you, you are eligible to donate again from today. Of course, in the meantime, there may be another reason why you cannot donate that we don’t know about. Just to make sure, take our donor self-test before making an appointment or dropping in.

4. In doubt about whether you can donate?

Take the donor self-test before making an appointment or dropping in. This test does not include every possible reason for postponing your donation, but gives the most common reasons why someone cannot donate.

5. Blood collections for your donor group: can’t I choose where I donate?

On the home page under Your information, you will see the location where we always invite you. Of course, you are free to choose the location that suits you best. Send an e-mail to mentioning the location to which you would prefer to be invited in future, so we can update your donor group.

7. Under My donations, I can see a summary with my attendances. But the total number of donations for which I am honoured doesn’t correspond?

Only the actual donations count towards an honour. If you came in once but were unable to donate, then this attendance does not count in your honour record of actual donations, but does show up in the number of attendances recorded on the donor portal.

8. I want to book an appointment, but according to the system, I am not allowed to donate. Nevertheless, my last blood donation was more than 2 months ago. How can that be?

Have a look at ‘My appointments’ to check if an appointment has already been made in the future. The system always takes account of your donations as well as your future appointments. Is that not the case? Then look at the date when you are allowed to donate again, shown on the home page. If it shows today’s date, you should be able to book a new appointment. If it is a date in the future, then you cannot donate again before that date. Still have questions about this? Send an e-mail to

9. Do I have to enter my donor number when I create my profile on the donor portal?

We recommend doing this. You can also create a profile without a donor number, but then we can’t link your portal profile to your donor record in our database. You will not be able to consult any data like your previous donations and your blood group. You can book an appointment, but it will not be linked to your donor profile.

10. Why can’t I make an appointment via the donor portal for giving platelets?

Not everyone is eligible for giving platelets. Only donors with blood group A or O AND who have sufficient platelets in their blood are eligible for a platelet donation.

Also, platelets can only be stored for 5 days after the donation. So donations are planned to reflect short-term requirements, and are taken from existing donors.

Anyone can book an appointment via the donor portal, even donors who may not be eligible for a donation. To prevent this, we ask platelet donors to make an appointment by phone or at the donor centre itself.

11. Why do I still receive a confirmation e-mail after I cancelled/changed my appointment?

When you make an appointment, you can say that you want to receive a reminder e-mail one day before the actual appointment. If you subsequently change or cancel your appointment, you will still receive that reminder e-mail, since there is no way of updating it to reflect changes made.


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