Want to donate blood?

Blood performs a range of functions

Your blood carries oxygen, heat, nutrients and hormones around your body, and eliminates all kinds of waste products from it. Your blood also protects you against external micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria. It is also crucial in regulating your body temperature.

Red blood cells – the key to life

Red blood cells are given to patients with anemia or who are experiencing severe hemorrhaging, for example following and accident or an operation.

Michael is healthy again

“When Michael was born, he was very sick. He had anemia and had to be given several blood transfusions. They swapped his blood for donor blood until the condition was completely cured. Since then, he’s had no problems and he’s now a lively, healthy six-year-old enjoying pre-school.” Michael’s mother, Julie

Ready to give blood? That’s great news for lots of people!