Donating blood, plasma or platelets?

Why should I give blood, plasma or platelets? That’s easy: because you’ll be helping to save lives! Every day hundreds of people need blood, for example after an accident, childbirth or an operation, or because they are sick. Sometimes even unborn babies require blood transfusions.

70% of people will need blood at some time in their lives, yet only 3% of people are blood donors.

The statistics speak for themselves: 70% of us will need to be given blood at some time in our lives, yet only 3% of us are actually blood donors. This means we need more donors to be able to help everyone who needs it. There is simply no alternative: artificial blood isn't an option.

Just one donation could help a number of different people!

By donating one bag of blood, you'll be helping more than one patient. Today, a patient will only be given the individual blood component he or she needs so the blood you donate is separated into three products: plasma, red blood cells and platelets.

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