Club Red will take care of your every need

We can’t stress it enough: donors mean the world to us! Thanks to your donations we can continue to help people and we are very grateful for that. We have therefore set up Club Red. As a donor you will automatically become a member of Club Red and will be eligible for some great events and promotions. Welcome to Club Red!

One good turn deserves another...

Along with some 185,000 other donors you are selflessly doing your bit for society by donating blood, plasma or platelets, and we think you deserve something in return: that’s why we set up Club Red. Every donor is automatically enrolled, making Club Red one of the largest communities in Flanders!

Great events and a chance to meet other donors

Enjoy the great events hosted by Club Red! Every year, we organize a huge Red Cross party – a day of fun and enjoyment for you and your family. For plasma and platelet donors we offer some fantastic extras such as a Movie Day and our summer festival. All our events are a unique opportunity to meet other donors and share experiences.

We will keep you informed of all our events via e-mail or at donation events, so be sure to provide us with your e-mail address when you attend for your next donation.

Punch card

All Club Red members will receive a punch card. New donors will be issued with a card the first time they donate; if you are already a donor, you will be given a punch card at your first donation of the year. Keep this card safe and take it along with you every time you donate blood, plasma or platelets. Your card will be punched each time you give a donation and will entitle you to free entry to all Club Red events.