Yes, I want to be a donor!

Just imagine: you can save somebody’s life! Just by giving blood. It barely takes an hour of your time. So what are you waiting for?

Are you between 18 and 66 years of age and in good health? Perfect! Don’t hesitate - become a donor. It is worth bearing in mind that if you give your first donation before you are 66, you can continue doing it until you are 71!

Did you know that you can also donate plasma or blood platelets at our donor centres? Plasma and blood platelets are vital for quite a lot of patients. Want to help? Fill in your data and we will contact you!

      • Blood Plasma Platelets

        Thank you for wanting to donate plasma. The first time you will be invited to give blood. The second time you can give plasma.

        Thank you for wanting to donate blood platelets. The first time we will invite you to give blood. Based on your blood donation we will assess whether you are eligible to donate blood platelets.

      • Alle gegevens die je invult in dit formulier worden volgens het gegevensbeleid verwerkt. Wil je meer weten over dit beleid én over wat we met jouw gegevens doen? Klik hier voor meer info.