Become a partner

No doubt you have heard of our organisation through one of our many activities - blood drives, first aid cover at events, disaster relief, etc. It is our mission to help people in need. 

But being a household name is both an asset and the greatest challenge we face. We are there, whenever needed. Every day, without fail. And that's no easy feat. To provide support at those crucial moments we rely on the generosity of society. Help us achieve our mission and support our professional operations by becoming a long-term partner.

One of our activities will match your organisation's business and expertise. By partnering Belgian Red Cross - Flanders you advertise your organisation's responsibility and commitment to society. How? In one of several ways.

  • Long-term partner: partner us for several (at least 3) years. Donating more than 50,000 euros a year makes you one of our long-term partners
  • Partner: to become a Belgian Red Cross - Flanders partner you make a one-off donation of 75,000 euros. These funds go towards Adapted Holidays, the Zorgbib, Holiday Camps, etc.
  •   …

Get in touch and we will have a look at what we can do for each other.

Contact US via relatiebeheer@rodekruis.be

If I had to describe the Red Cross in one sentence, I'd say all the warmth of society, run professionally.

Jannie Haek

Managing Director of the National Lottery