• Who are we?

    Belgian Red Cross-Flanders forms part of a global voluntary-sector network, giving assistance to those needing it both in the Flemish Community and abroad.

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  • What do we do?

    Among other things, we supply blood, offer first aid and support, lay on social activities and provide assistance to those needing it around the world.

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  • What can you do

    You can, for example, support us financially, become a volunteer, learn how to provide first aid or other assistance, or give blood.

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    Browse through and apply for a wide range of jobs: www.rodekruis.be/jobs  

  • Belgian Red Cross-Flanders
    Motstraat 40
    2800 Mechelen
    Email: info@rodekruis.be
    Tel.: +32 (0)15 44 33 22
    IBAN: BE28 0960 0000 9620

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