First Aid Blended Learning

The 'First Aid Blended Learning' programme is an alternative way to train more people in basic first aid, with the same number of trainers. Thanks to this programme you can facilitate cost-effective first aid trainings, and invest in a commercial roll-out becoming more financially self-sufficient. 

What do we offer?

  • Our basic product in case is the blended learning environment itself. This includes the evidence-based content we have translated into a format suitable for in-app learning, the  mechanism to incentivize people to keep learning and also the customer journey applications we have developed to guide people through the booking process and which are essential to convert free users in paying customers.
  • Beside the app, we also offer implementation support to interested customers. When rolling out in a country, we will help our partners to revamp their back office procedures and prepare their First Aid trainers to give quality First Aid lessons using the specially designed blended methodology. We can set up First Aid operations from scratch and train people to become First Aid instructors without any prior experience.
  • On top of the aforementioned products and services, we also able to deliver value in the field of Workplace/Commercial First Aid. In case our assistance is required for a commercial roll-out, we can help partners with writing their business plan, devising a commercial strategy and selecting partners to do the marketing and sales for them amongst other things. 

Why is this a great valued-added innovation?

First Aid Blended Learning tool is a blend of cutting-edge medical research in the field of First Aid trainings and modern technology. We have digitized all our evidence-based guidelines and translated them into a format suitable for blended learning. This new mixture of online and offline learning has allowed us to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to offer a quality training and make it available for a far greater number of people. In comparison with traditional trainings, it delivers the same learning outcomes but cheaper, faster and with greatly reduced amounts of red tape.

Combination of training and and using the app

Participants learn the theoretical background in the app, after which they participate in a 1 day in-class training focused on applying the acquired first aid skills.

Trainee in South-Africa

I used the app during course, but also to study. It helped immensely to completely understand how each situation’s first aid works. Without the app, I would definitely not have been able to pass the training as confidently as I did!